Residential Property Management


Enjoy a higher level of service and stability

Welcome to Kinsale Property Group Residential Management & Leasing.

We value your interest in our Property Management & Leasing services.

Kinsale Property Group Property Management Team is a dedicated leasing and property management business servicing our investors across Sydney.

The cornerstone of our business philosophy is partnering with you, the landowner, and helping to grow your wealth through residential property investment. This means that property management, your investment, becomes our number 1 priority!
After many years in the industry, we realised that something was missing from your local ‘real estate office’ when it came to managing your property. If agents put as much effort into looking after your asset, as they do in trying to get your business, then…where could you be, financially, today?

Built very much on a ‘team’ philosophy, looking after your investment means helping you grow your asset base. Most of us get into property investment to help with our retirement and wealth creation strategies. The purchase of property over time gives a chance to grow your asset base, whether it be buying further properties, or using the equity gained to purchase other asset classes.
At Kinsale Property Group we strongly believe, not only is it is vital that the property receives the best tenanting services available and your money is in your account regularly, but that there is the services available to you help in your wealth creation.

Your benefits

• Experience lower vacancy rates. Your property is leased efficiently and effectively and often without the need of costly advertising

• Maximise your return through our investment in technology, including our area of expertise, Property portfolio growth.

• We will work closely with you and /or your financial advisor in supporting your property investment goals

• Become a ‘priority’ customer and have first choice of available new properties that we help source for you. If we don’t have it – we will find it for you.

• Regular “Market Appraisals” so you always know the market value of your investment – essential for equity identification and portfolio growth

• Regular investment education through access to landlord seminars.

• Access to and the convenience of additional services including the expertise of our sales teams, mortgage services ,and help to source accounting and tax advice that is relevant to your needs.

• Our business is focused on matching quality tenants with quality properties

• Dedicated point of contact for your property.

To support this goal and in consideration of the trust you have placed in us, we guarantee to perform the following activities in the letting and management of your property upon the signing of an Management Agency Agreement.

• Colour photographs will be taken and made available to prospective tenants
• Your property will be placed on our rental list as soon as you entrust it to us to locate a suitable tenant
• We will place your property details on our preferred supplier websites
• A signboard will be erected at your property (where applicable)
• We will access our existing prospective tenants’ database and arrange inspections by tenants who are looking to rent within your property’s price range and location
• We will keep regular contact with you throughout the pre-lease period to provide an activity update including comments received by prospective tenants about your property
• We will present to you all applications obtained from prospective tenants
• Approved tenants will be required to pay a reservation fee
• We will thoroughly check tenant references at the time of application
• We will conduct a thorough internal and external regular inspection of your property and provide you with a comprehensive report following each inspection
• We will attend to all maintenance repairs as quickly as reported in accordance with the management agreement. We will advise or suggest any ongoing maintenance requirements, which will keep your property in a condition, which will assist to retain its optimum market value
• On a daily basis, we will carry out rental arrears checks and immediately follow up on any outstanding monies owing. Prompt action in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act will be taken
• We will pay all outgoings in a timely manner (subject to available funds) to avoid interest being charged on accounts
• We will provide you with a comprehensive annual taxation summary

“Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service during the management of your property. We look to build long term clients and I am always available personally to talk with you about your concerns / or needs.”